Centrelink & Medicare

Our Centrelink and Medicare Agent is open Tuesday and Thursday (10am – 3pm) and can assist you with your paperwork and help you to navigate the MyGov website.

Phone: (03) 5682 1324









At this Department of Human Services Agent you can:

  • have your proof of identity documents copied
  • use the telephone to access the department’s self service options, claim Medicare rebates, speak to someone at the department, or call prospective employers
  • fax or photocopy documents
  • use the computer to access a range of government programs and services including self service and searching for jobs
  • lodge forms and pick up forms and brochures.

Agents can:

  • respond to general questions on payments and services
  • show you a quick and easy way to do your business with self service
  • verify and copy identity documents
  • help you complete forms and other paperwork
  • fax claim forms and documents
  • arrange referrals to specialist services.

Agents cannot:

  • make payments or decisions about payments
  • review, assess or vary payments
  • issue Electronic Banking Transfers (EBTs), concession cards or Medicare cards.

Agents are not Department of Human Services staff.

For information and assistance call the department or visit www.humanservices.gov.au

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