Connect the Plots



Connect the Plots is a network of people in the Foster/Fish Creek area who love to grow their own vegetables and fruit, but also aim to exchange ideas, support each other and the community we live in. Many households have recently turned their attention to getting a vegie patch growing, making seeds and seedlings harder to come by. 


Starting out with a new patch may seem tricky and expensive. But there are many ways to go about it – you don’t need to purchase sleepers, large amounts of soil, fertilizers or have a trailer to get started. The Connect the Plots members know lots of thrifty methods for growing your own food and can help with devising a layout for your site, getting soil-building materials that are cheap or free, accessing seeds/seedlings and planning for what grows best across the seasons.


It’s a great thing to do with kids and you may soon find that you have more than you need! Giving surplus produce to someone else is a great feeling.


For households needing extra support, Connect the Plots can provide a free ‘starter kit’ of materials and advice – speak to us at Manna Gum Community House to access this service.


You can also connect via their Facebook page, or call Elizabeth on 0428 526 403 to get started.

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