COVID-19 and support services

Manna Gum is providing a number of support services for the local community in response to COVID-19.

Like everyone else, Manna Gum has adapted its operations to deliver as many of its services as possible while maintaining the health and wellbeing of staff, volunteers and visitors.

We regret courses and workshops are cancelled for Term 2 and our Community Lounge is closed.

The Centrelink and Medicare Agency will still operate on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am to 3pm. A waiting room has been set up in the hall but it has a maximum safe capacity of ten people. If more people need assistance, they will be given a number and asked to wait outside. We are taking care to ensure that equipment such as phones and computers are kept clean and that physical distancing guidelines are followed.

‘Who Gives a Crap’ toilet paper is now back in stock and available for purchase during office hours. This initiative provides a small fundraising income for Manna Gum.

Our office hours are reduced to Tuesdays and Thursday until further notice, however our phone messages will be checked daily.

Emergency relief services will continue. If you need a care package of essential items, please contact us. Food and essential items will no longer be available on a self-serve basis in the office but we can fill orders, that includes home delivery. Due to an increase of generous donations from the community fresh fruit and vegetables are now included in our food relief packages.

We have also received numerous offers from community members who are prepared to volunteer and assist people in isolation with daily errands such as grocery shopping. We are setting up a service to match volunteers with people in need of assistance.

We welcome donations towards our care packages. We are currently well-stocked with non-perishable items from Foodbank but would appreciate vouchers from the local butcher in Foster to be able to provide fresh meat and eggs. Excess produce from home gardens is also appreciated.

We continue to provide referrals to other support services for community members in need of assistance. We are proud to be part of a strong community that can provide so much support during this challenging time.


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