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Would you like to come and just sit? Bev Cowan practices meditation in the Zen Buddhist tradition (zazen) and facilitates a weekly gathering. Anybody who practices a different style of meditation is still welcome to come and sit together. Instruction on zazen is available for anybody if they come 15 minutes before the sitting. Regardless of what may bring you to Zen, Zazen is itself a practice of letting go. The practice of Zazen is extremely simple and straightforward: just sitting. You simply sit with a straight posture and maintain awareness of your experience without getting caught up in assessing, comparing, or trying to change it. Basically you start exactly where you are, and in the end you are also just where you are. Along the way, there is no special technique and no pursuit of any special experience.

Facilitator: Bev Cowan

Wednesdays (3pm-3.30pm) 

Cost: FREE


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